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Ceramic Nanopowders
Our company offers the manufacture of its raw materials and cust...

Solutions for fast screening powders

High-performance screening machine for fine powders
For high-performance screening of fine powders into fractions, o... Image

The equipment to order

Mills for the manufacture of ceramic nanopowders
Our company has developed unique technology and equipment for th...
Lines for the dedusting of powders
One of the most important and complex operations with powders - ... Image
Tribo adhesive separator
Tribo adhesive separator (TAS) permits the separation of fine-gr... Image
The equipment for activation of dry materials
Activation - the process of recovery (increase) the reactivity o...
Magnetic separators for highly disperse dry powders
Magnetic separators of the NTP-1400 series with a high gradient ...
Classifier for powder and nanopowder (separator)
Specialists of our company developed a set of of equipment for t... Image

Finished product

The book "Fly ash - technogenic raw material"
We offer you the book "Fly ash - technogenic raw material" writt... Image
Screening surface
We produce our own sifting screens representing frame with a wor...
Aluminosilicate hollow microspheres - the international name for... Image
Microspheres is one of fly ash components received from coal. Mi... Image
Magnetite (Fe3O4 chemical formula) is contained in the compositi...
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