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Branch solutions

The food-processing industry

To manufacturers of treacle
To manufacturers of spices and seasonings


Our company has developed a new low-cost, efficient and environm...
Creating composites with better properties at the same time comp...

The coal industry

Dry milling and enrichment of coal
In recent years, become activated by the new directions in the c...


Separation of toners
Production of toners for laser printers and photocopiers is inte...

Paint and varnish industry

Filler for paints
Our corporation in 2008 volplanes to begin deliveries on the wor... Image
Powder paints
Powder coating - is a solid dispersion composition comprising bi...

Other solutions

Improving the quality of polishing powders
Polishing powders - a special kind of material that must meet th...
Composites and coverings
A new universal approach to obtaining multilevel nanocomposites ...

Iron and steel industry

Powder metallurgy
There are quite a number of ways to obtain powders and nano-meta...

Building industry and technology

Make concrete with fly ash?
Offers on ashes.

If your company makes concrete, s...
Dry mixes
The main filler for dry mixes produced in the world, is the sand... Image
Fly ash for cement
Fly ash for cement...
Ash binder
In the ashes received on at burning on thermal power station bro...
Foam concretes and aerocretes
The specialists of our company developed a technology of extract...
Ultrafine cement
Ultrafine cement is applied: 1 In the construction of a soil s...
Cement activation
As is known, is now on the market, Russia has an acute shortage ...

The mountain concentrating industry

Score concentratibility copper ore
"Score concentratibility copper ore for the provision of copper-...
Study of technogenic sand - waste processing copper ore
Report on research work

Power industry

Complex processing of lignite fly ash
Waste technology waste heat power - evil ash from the burning of... Image
Classification cenospheres
Classification of cenospheres and other ultra-light powder mater...
Sieving of coal for pulverized burning
The overwhelming proportion of the world's coal is crushed for c...
Isolation of mechanical underburning
Allocation of coal from ashes of ablation for upgrading and expa... Image

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Crushing and separation of dry components of pharmaceutical products
For fine grinding of different crystalline substances for which ...
Mill for grinding sulphur (S)
Our company offers a development and supply of complete technolo...
Mixing of pharmaceutical components
In the pharmaceutical industry are widely used powdery substance...
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