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Electromassclassifier - possibilities and appointment
    Electromassclassifier (EMC) - a class of ecologically pure engineering for mechanical processing of powder materials.

The action principle is based on found out in 1985 V.V.Zyryanov the formation phenomenon in the closed volume of the dense charged aerosols under the influence of a turbulent gas stream and their division at influence of a combination of various forces in a direction. The first patents of the USSR on EMC № 1403439 (closed) is given out in 1988 charging of firm particles in EMC occurs as a result of a dynamic and static electrization.

The effect of mechanical issue electrons and other charged particles at blows, destruction or formation of a new surface of firm bodies is intensively studied after detection in 1953 Deryagin, Krotova and Karasev of property of the new-formed surfaces to emit in vacuum electrons high energy. The static electrization - so-called triboelectrization is known many centuries. In a basis tribocharging the contact electrization because of different energy of an exit electrons from a surface of firm bodies of the different nature or the different size (curvature radius) lays, т.е in the nature practically there are no neutral particles. At the same time, both at the description of aerosols, and at account of centrifugal qualifiers absence of a charge on particles implicitly is supposed.

In charged an aerosol in the field of centrifugal force there are areas with mainly one mark of a charge of particles that leads to their removal by Kulonovsky force through the centre. The charged aerosols are close on the substance of 90 found out in the beginning to the dust plasma arising in terrestrial conditions in industrial process of SHF of etching and under the influence of space radiation in space, therefore to them we will quite apply the term «gazo-dust plasma».

In the closest device on reached effect of division of powders on particle size - the air-centrifugal qualifier there is a division under condition of FS> Fc, where FS - forces of viscosity of the Stoke, Fc - centrifugal force. In EMC the division condition essentially differs: FC> Fc + FS ± mg, FC - force of electrostatic pushing away coulomb, ±mg - a gravity (the sign depends on execution EMC).

Elementary diagramme EMC contains the chamber of generation charged an aerosol and the chamber of a relaxation connected with it and accumulation of thin fraction. At material processing in EMC there is a removal from the chamber of generation of particles of a powder on parametre q/m (q - a superfluous charge, m - weight), and the charge is reverted through aeroions and-or on a current-carrying surface. Size of a superfluous charge on particles routinely much less than the point charges forming electrical dipole moment at particles. Therefore sedimentation of an aerosol 0 occurs to very low relative density even in the charged condition.

Depending on execution in technician EMC following operations can be realised:

1) classification of homogeneous powders and nanopowder on particle size;

2) separation of non-uniform powders and nanopowder on the size and a material it is simultaneous;

3) crushing, including such plastic materials, as lead, zinc, magnesium, ammonium iodide, etc., to nanodisperse conditions ~ 30 nanometers;

4) disaggregation of powders;

5) mechanical activation of a surface of particles;

6) surface modification (from the point of view of electric properties, the form);

7) homogenization of mixes nanomaterials and powders.

8) grinding sulfur, coal, and other similar materials milking micron powders

Owing to a principle of work EMC there is no tool restriction on particle sizes and quantity of evolved fractions. Thanks to the closed volume and a gymnastics of particles which promotes destruction of aggregates from within under the influence of Kulonovsky force, technics EMC works in a range of particle sizes from ~30 nanometers to 300 microns (removal in the form of charged an aerosol means), inaccessible to traditional technics. Technics EMC is capable to work in controllable atmosphere, at depressed and positive pressure, at temperature> 80 K. Technics EMC is easily scaled.

Laboratory devices are capable to work in a discrete mode with portions in some g of substance, at the same time in a continuous mode productivity can reach 10 tons at an o'clock. It does possible use of technics EMC not only in nanoindustry, but even at thin processing of mineral raw materials and a waste of power, metallurgy, mountain-concentrating combines.

List of core technologies and solutions based on EMC.

The list of projects, executed with application of technics EMC.

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