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For Investors
    Our company has developed a comprehensive infrastructure innovation project, which consists of two main stages.
  1. ITM technology for lower-cost oxygen production
  2. A Set of Technologies for Realization of Autonomic Settlements with Sustainable Development

ITM technology for lower-cost oxygen production

Short description

Project Objective - lower-cost oxygen production by ITM (Ion Transport Membrane) technology on site of consumption of hot oxygen enriched air in high-temperature processes with waste heat.
The aim of project - to develop planar multilayer permselective membrane operating at intermediate temperatures T=400-600ºC for the commercialization of the ITM technology with minimal starting investments for the production of ITM oxygen modules.
Fields of applications:
- Coal combustion boilers;
- Thermal power stations and boilers for solid fuels;
- Ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy;
- Waste incinerators;
- Independent power greenhouses;
- Chemical and petrochemical plants;
- Oxygen supply in a global project of distributed power generation in clean coal-fired power micro-plants.

A prototype of the membrane is created. Comes the stage of testing and optimization. Capacity 1m2 membrane is ~ 5-7 liters of oxygen per second.

A Set of Technologies for Realization of Autonomic Settlements with Sustainable Development

Short description

Objective - development of clean coal-fired power micro-plant with conjugated production of microspherical glass materials and carbon dioxide utilization. Environmentally friendly production of electric power and high-temperature materials in oxygen-rich air atmosphere is based on the complex use of organic and inorganic constituents of coals and other solid fuels after special preliminary mechanical treatment. Development of network of consumers closed to micro-plant to balance a production and consumption of electric and heat energy, and to utilize carbon dioxide in greenhouses.
The aim of the project is to create a high profitable flexible production of a wide range of fine microspherical materials with high value added and decentralized generation of electric and heat power for autonomous eco-settlements.
Fields of applications:
- Wide range of fine microspherical glass fillers and other materials;
- Distributed power generation for medium and large enterprises;
- Smart cities development;
- cottage settlement construction;
- Complex development of regions without infrastructure;
- The elimination of municipal solid waste and landfills across the major cities;
- high efficient greenhouses.

Innovative high profitable project is based on principles of sustainable development - minimal consumption and full utilization of natural resources, no inhibition of the Environment.

For Interested investors, a more detailed description of the proposed project can be presented according to order.

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