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Our corporation offers the best service package of technological character for your business:

Consulting on all theme of powders, powder technology, productions and uses of powders and nanopowders, classification and characterisation of powders and nanopowders for working out and production of new materials, coverings, ceramics and etc.

Development of the up-to-date technologies for operation with powders and nanopowders, nanotubes and other nanomaterials

Engineering and delivery of the purpose-built equipment for operation with the dry powdered materials, not having analogues in the world market

Complex technologies development with licence transfer, including exclusive

Engineering and delivery of the equipment and technologies for complex fly ash recycle

Solutions for reduction of mineral raw materials, anthropogenic waste products, ore remains and others.

We have created a whole class of efficient equipment for the classification of powders and nanopowders without forced air supply, operating in continuous mode, in a closed volume. We create, perhaps, the best equipment for the classification powder and nanopowder in the world in its characteristics.
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